Rev. Jonathan Portrait

Rev. Jonathan Mitchell

To speak humanly from the height or from the depth
of human things, that is acutest speech.
—Wallace Stevens

Visit to the Church of Montgomery, Ohio

It was a great joy to visit friends, new and old, from the New Church of Montgomery, Ohio over Labor Day Weekend 2017. And to lead worship at Glendale New Church where they currently worship. Below I post the sermon I offered that day. I will always remember the beautiful church building, together with the friendly and stimulating discussions, during the reading group and after the sermon.

Invisible Companions

As of this writing, I've been on a road trip since June 22. For much of it I have been posting to social media. And at every opportunity checking to see who liked or commented on the posts. It has produced an odd sense of being alone and not alone at the same time. It feels like my invisible companions are with me on the road. From a Swedenborgian point of view, we are always part of a community in the spiritual world. In fact, without such a community we wouldn't exist at all.

In this sermon, I reflect on the healthy integration of self-companionship and companionship with others, and the implications of the fact that spiritually we are never alone..